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Don Mahoney and Jeana Claire show

Johnny's very first TV appearance was on a local childrens television show that aired in Houston and Beaumont markets called the Don Mahoney and Jeana Claire show. Don Mahoney was a blind singing cowboy/kiddie show host in the Houston area for many, many years. Jeana Claire was his sidekick and a former Louisiana Hayride backup singer. Their show ran in one form or another on Houston television from the early fifties all the into the late '80's (albeit reruns on Access Cable). Johnny and Edgar were on Don's show as boys of about 10 or 12 playing ukelele and singing. Unfortunately, while Don did save some kinescopes of his shows from the fifties, Johnny and Edgar's duo was not one of them..

Saturday 18 April 1970: Beat Club (Germany)

Date: Saturday 18 April 1970
Director: Bob Rooijens, Producer: Michael Leckebush.
Band: Johnny Winter, Edgar Winter, Tommy Shannon, Uncle John Turner.
Highlights: Johnny B. Goode, Mean Town Blues, Tobacco Road.

Johnny Be Goode of this TV-Show is available on the DVD "Rock Icons Guitar Gods"

Mean Town Blues of this TV-show is available on the laserdisc Beat Club - American Rock Stars as well as on the Musik Laden DVD's.

1970 or 1971: Musik Laden (Germany)

Released on the DVD: The Best of Musikladen Volume 1: Johnny Winter performing "Mean Town Blues"

The Midnight Special Show - Friday 6 July 1973

Johnny Winter had TWO drummers on stage and a nice looking lady (Susan) playing tamborine on stage with him. He and the girl were wearing these really wild outfits: white leather overalls with metal studs and cutouts on the sides. Songs included: "Rock and Roll" off of "Still Alive and Well" and "Let it Bleed".

Palace Theatre - New York - 1973


The band is the Still Alive And Well formation. White Firebird used on all songs. Except for the intro song (Rock and Roll Hoochie Koo) where we notice a not-warmed-yet Johnny (I mean cliches riff), all the other songs are involve great solos (really inspired).

This was presented on our MTV-like broadcast network named Musique Plus

Soundstage - 1974

Johnny does appear on this video. It's from a PBS t.v. series called "soundstage" from 1974.He is featured singing "walkin' thru the park" & plays behind Muddy & some of the others-though he is undermiked. Rhino records put it out a couple of years ago. We don't know if it's still available- Rhino has a website you could check.

Mid-1974: German TV Show

Johnny Winter with Floyd Radford on second guitar appear on a German TV solos, Floyd performs some blistering guitar solos as well

Old Grey Whistle Test - 1974

Johnny Winter - Jumpin Jack Flash

Johnny Winter performing Jumping Jack Flash on te Old Grey Whistle Test in 1974 has been released on the DVD "The Old Grey Whistle Test - Vol. 3". You can order this DVD online here

Merv Griffin Show - 1976

 JW appeared with Muddy on the Merv Griffin Show.

Rock Palast - 1979

Date: 21-22 Apr 1979
Director: Peter RĂ¼chel
Band: Johnny Winter, Jon Paris, Bobby Torello.

BBC TV "The Old Grey Whistle Test" - 1979

Broadcast: Tuesday, 1 May 1979 - BBC TV "The Old Grey Whistle Test".
Recorded: 2 days earlier, in a BBC studio with an audience of about 100 with Jon Paris on Bass and Bobby Torello on Drums

The tracks he played were:

Danish TV (DR) Roskilde Denmark (1984)

Friday, 29 June 1984 Roskilde, Denmark

In Session with Dr John - 1984 or 85/86/87

A local Canadian TV show called CHCH-TV out of Hamilton, Ontario. Canada, Johnny Winter appeared together with Dr. John.

Friday, 1 July 1988: Piazza Duomo, Pistoia, Italy.

This show has been broadcasted on TV by the Italian RAI Duo

Channel 5 TV 1989

Danish TV2 - Program "Eleva2ren" 1991

Friday, 20 September 1991

  1. I Got To Find My Baby
  2. You're Humbuggin' Me

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