The Johnny Winter Story


Ken Barthell (sometimes mispelled as Ken Barthel, Ken Bartell or Ken Bartel) and the Impacts. Johnny Winter does not perform on the song "Hey Little Girl", but helped Ken Barthell writing this song.

Ken Barthell remembers: "I met Johnny Winter through the music scene and hanging around Beaumont Music Store and Swicegood's Music Store. I often visited him at his home and I had the car, so we did some running around together mainly checking out the girls and Johnny couldn't drive because of his sight. I was working on a couple songs, That's Not Much To Ask was pretty much done, but I was having trouble with Hey Little Girl. I called Johnny Winter and he said to come on over and he would help me out. Johnny's Mom answered the door, and said Johnny Winter was upstairs practicing his screams. We all practiced what we called Soulful Screaming back then, it was real big. I showed Johnny what I had so far on Hey Little Girl, and in not more than 10 minutes, we had it done. Johnny told me to make sure he got writing credit on it with me and I told him I would. I gave Roy Ames the information for the pressing, I was paying for it to be done. Roy messed up my name, spelled it Barthel instead of Barthell and didn't list Johnny as cowriter. I showed it to Johnny and how Roy even messed up my name"


Record Company Number Song titles Remarks
Impact Records
Johnny Winter Schoolday Blues Dart Records
IPT-1001 / Dixiana Pub No 591 Hey Little Girl Johnny Winter assisted Ken Barthell with writing "Hey Little Girl"


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