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Welcome to the Jungle aka The Rundown, The Rock, Seann William Scott, Rosario Dawson, Christoper Walken

Welcome to the Jungle aka The Rundown, The Rock, Seann William Scott, Rosario Dawson, Christoper Walken
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Synopsis of the DVD Movie: Welcome to the Jungle aka The Rundown, The Rock, Seann William Scott, Rosario Dawson, Christoper Walken

The Rock as a bounty hunter who attempts to square a debt by heading to the Amazon jungle to capture someone. The bounty hunter discovers that his quarry isn't the bad guy he'd been warned about, and the two team up in pursuit of riches stored in a mine in the Amazon.

DVD Movie Rating for: Welcome to the Jungle aka The Rundown

DVD Movie Rating and Reviews DVD Movie Rating and Reviews DVD Movie Rating and Reviews DVD Movie Rating and Reviews DVD Movie Rating and Reviews Rating 3 out of 5 stars for "The Rundown" aka "Welcome to the Jungle"

Movie Plot of: Welcome to the Jungle aka The Rundown

Beck (The Rock) doesn't look for or try to make trouble for anyone. But trouble is what he's hired to clean up, and there's one final mess he's got to get out of before he can leave it all behind. At the center of his current trouble is a wise-ass named Travis (Seann William Scott), a fast-talking double dealer whose dad has commissioned Beck to retrieve from a lingering adventure in Brazil. Travis proves to be more of a handful than Beck expected, not only because of his mouth and his heels-dug-in reluctance to leave, but because of a couple of other complications he brings with him: Mariana (Rosario Dawson), a no-nonsense local who holds the answers to some of the jungle's hidden mysteries, and Hatcher (Christoper Walken), an unhinged despot who has turned the jungle and its inhabitants into his own fortune-making, gold-mining empire. Beck doesn't like to fight. But he's going to have to unleash everything he's got to keep on top of his smack-talking quarry, the girl with the secret, the crazy tyrant, the horny monkeys, the hallucinogenic fruit, the backs-to-the-wall rebels, the perilous terrain, the hidden traps and every other obstacle that this jungle throws at him.

DVD Production Details of: Welcome to the Jungle aka The Rundown

The Rundown Starring: The Rock, Seann William Scott, Rosario Dawson

Director: Peter Berg

Format: Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby

Aspect Ratio(s): 2.35:1

Audio Encoding: Dolby Digital 5.1, Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround

Studio: Umvd
DVD Release Date: August 24, 2004
Run Time: 105

DVD Features:
Available subtitles: Spanish, French
Available Audio Tracks: English (Dolby Digital 5.1), French (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround), Spanish (Dolby Digital 2.0 Surround)
Feature Commentary by Director Peter Berg and The Rock

Feature Commentary by Producers Kevin Misher and Marc Abraham

Deleted scenes

"Rumble in the Jungle" featurette on stunts and fight scenes

"Appetite for Destruction" featurette on the visual effects

"The Amazon, Hawaii Style" featurette on location

The Rundown Uncensored

Running Down the Town

Walken's World

DVD-ROM Features

DVD Easter Eggs


Cast of the movie: Welcome to the Jungle aka The Rundown

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Reviews of the movie: Welcome to the Jungle aka The Rundown

"The Rundown" is loud and improbable, smart-assy and silly, and 85 minutes of roller-coaster fun. Although it's inconsistent in style (sometimes innovative, mostly mundane), uneven in tone (cartoon violence to tragedy faster than you can say "I'll be back"), has one major copout (you'll get it- when he's in a tight spot, the main character makes a personal compromise that shreds his integrity), and some of the fights are a little too over-edited (making some of the coolest action hard to catch), the flick delivers the kind of violent, hilarious action-joy you'd expect. At the heart of it, The Rock shows that he has the chops to anchor a franchise, and director Peter Berg (probably best known as an Ethan Hawke look-alike on Chicago Hope in the late 90s) proves that he can pull off a big-screen explosion-fest.

Beck (Monsieur Granite) provides muscle for his asshole boss by beating the crap out of people who don't cooperate (e.g. providing collateral for a gambling debt without making too much of a fuss). But what he really wants to do is open his own restaurant. That's right, he's a strongman with a sensitive soul, ostensibly not really wanting to hurt anybody, but not refraining from doing serious damage when backed into a corner. When his employer offers independence and a pile of cash in exchange for running down his son, Travis (Seann William Scott), who's traipsing around in South America, Beck has little choice but to accept the offer. What he doesn't know is that he's about to become enmeshed in a morass of tyranny and rebellion, treasure hunting and double-dealing - the result of Travis' search for a solid gold artifact (yes, there are definitely nods to The Maltese Falcon, Tales of the Gold Monkey, Romancing the Stone, blah blah blah). Caught between the greed of despot Christopher Walken and the need of freedom fighter Rosario Dawson (yum), Beck finds retrieval of trouble-maker Travis to be a serious challenge.

The Rock is fun to watch - his character takes on an unrealistic amount of punishment, but his beleaguered expressions are enough to make you laugh back into a suspension of disbelief. The guy has great timing, and doesn't mind looking uncool when necessary. Yeah, I want to see him do more flicks like this one. I've always kind of liked Seann William Scott, but he's wearing out his welcome - more shrill and annoying than Joe Pesci, he loses his charm pretty early in the film. Still, he's pretty damned funny in his perched upper-lip kind of way. Christoper Walken is surprisingly low-key, which makes his character fun to watch, and his henchman, Jon Gries (the best part of the T.V. show The Pretender) does a great job as human punching bag. Rosario Dawson has a thankless role - the hot, sweaty, minority eye candy who's also the smart, driven, strident, singularly moral character.

There are some Indy-scale tableaux of exploited miners, sweeping shots of the South American jungle (including a Scooby Doo-style use of the same cleft in the hills, like, at least three times), and a satisfying amount of destruction. But the movie falters when it drifts into gratuitous brutality and tragedy. It breaks the spell of the fantasy action comedy when you kill too many good guys. Yeah, and a little supernatural stuff would have been excellent, too.

In any case, "The Rundown" is ultimately agreeable, and bodes well for The Rock's cinematic career.

Like Ronald Reagan before him, Arnold Schwarzenegger may have been lured from his acting career by Republican politics, but he still has time to anoint his cinematic successor. In a blink-and-you'll miss-it uncredited cameo in 'The Rundown', the former Mr Universe says 'Have fun!' to Beck (ex -wrestler the Rock, aka Dwayne Johnson) as he passes him in a nightclub, and so hands on his muscle-bound mantle to the next big (in every sense) Hollywood hero. Moments later, Beck is taking on 'the entire offensive line' of an American pro-football team with little effort, and it is as though Arnie has been reincarnated on screen - except that, while Beck may be a kick-ass 'retrieval expert' of bull-like proportions and astonishing resilience, he is also genuinely eager to avoid violence ('I don't want to fight' being his catchphrase), phobic about gun-use (until the inevitable pump-action finale, naturally), and really just interested in opening his own restaurant - and, unlike the he-men portrayed by Arnie, Sly and other eighties right-wingers (most of whom have in fact gone on to open their own restaurants), Beck can bang articulate sentences together as well as heads.

Think the Sopranos, Indiana Jones and il Mariachi in a Brazilian stand-off, and you will be somewhere near the madcap adventures of 'The Rundown'. Sent by his gangster boss on 'one last job' to bring back the gangster's son Travis (Seann William Scott) from Brazil, Beck is soon caught in a local war between ruthless American goldmine boss Hatcher (Christopher Walken) and native rebels, while helping Travis and mysterious barmaid Mariana Rosario Dawson) in a race to find the legendary El Gato, a priceless golden statuette. With dynamic fight sequences, sweeping camerawork and a strong sense of fun, there hasn't been this amount of dumb-assed monkeyshines in the jungle since 'Congo'.

The Rock makes for a charismatic strongman, variously enduring beatings, whiplashes, plummets down cliffs and even an airborne flight into a tree, all without ever losing his cool or failing to be impeccably polite. Seann William Scott reprises his rôle as comic foil from Bulletproof Monk (although his martial arts are decidedly less honed here), his presence calculated to draw in fans of 'American Pie'-style gross-out - which is duly delivered in the form of some aggressively randy primates ('Establish dominance!' shouts Travis usefully as Beck's face is being humped). Looking like he has not left the jungle since 'the Deer Hunter', Christopher Walken gleefully hams up his cardboard villain, in particular in the scene where he tries to explain 'the concept of the tooth fairy' to a bewildered gang of non-English-speaking thugs.

Delve into the jungle canopy of 'The Rundown', and you will discover, lurking amidst all the lowbrow gags and stampeding action, some biting criticism of the US's economic exploitation and enslavement of its southern neighbours, all carried out in the name of capitalist 'modernisation'. Which suggests that should Dwayne Johnson, once he's had his fun in the movies, ever choose to follow Schwarzenegger into politics, he may well be facing him as a candidate for the Democratic opposition. Now that's a fight that would be worth seeing.

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