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Ticker, Steven Seagal, Dennis Hopper, Jaime Pressly (2001

Explosion Imminente, Steven Seagal, Dennis Hopper, Jaime Pressly (2001

Steven Seagal Dennis Hopper Jaime Pressly Ticker
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Movie Rating Stars Movie Rating Stars Movie Rating Stars Movie Rating Stars Movie Rating Stars 2 out of 5

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Ray Nettles, a detective of San Francisco, and his partner Fuzzy must take up to one of the most dangerous terrorist gangs of the city. When one of the terrorists, the beautiful scientist Claire Manning is arrested, Swan, the leader of the terrorists, claims he will let explode bombs troughout the city if she will not be released. Because of the possible bloodsheat, Nettles calls for the help of explosive expert Frank Glass (Steven Seagal)...

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Director: Albert Pyun

Format: Color, Closed-captioned, Widescreen, Dolby

Studio: Artisan Entertainment

DVD Release Date: November 13, 2001


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When a mad bomber (Dennis Hopper) descends on San Francisco it's up to two men to uncover his plot and find the massive bomb hidden somewhere in the city. Steven Seagal stars as the Zen leades of the bomb squad and Tom Sizemore is a vice cop out for vengeance. Featurning special appearance by pop sensation

Not a single other decent review for this film seems to have appeared yet.And this isn't going to be the first one.The cliche ridden,tedium inducing script and flat,uninteresting dialogue are the first of many noticeably bad factors to the film.And as for the casting,to have Dennis Hopper (complete with what sounds like a laughable Irish accent) as the mad bomber villain just shows the extent of it's lazyness.Meanwhile,Tom Sizemore and Steven Seagal turn in styflingly standard performances as the cop-on-the-edge and zen-aided bomb disposal expert.The story is a jumbled mess,confusing and disjointed,and the film also has a really tatty,cheap feel,especially in the action sequences.Somewhere in the film,Seagal says 'When you've hit rock bottom,the only way you can go is up'.Hopefully,the same can be said about his caree

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